Generate voronoi pattern out of points on surface?

I want to populate a surface with random points and out of them generate a voronoi on the surface. I achieved it in GH but in Dynamo I dont know how to do it (At the seminar where I am participating it is demanded on Dynamo so… any ideas?)

thanks in advance
(example on GH)

What seminar are you at?

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Thanks for the answer JacobSmall, I dont want to generate any random Voronoi out of UV, but control the points out of them I generate the voronoi.
One idea could be generate a Delaunay.ByPoints triangulation and out of them maybe generate the Voronoi. If I control the points I can control the Voronoi panels properly.
BIM Seminar Uni Stuttgart

That method should work, assuming I understand what it is you are after correctly.

Either way there are multiple means of constructing the logic for this - the ‘best’ method is going to depend on more of the specifics which drive your start point. Good luck and let us know where you get with it.