VO Genesis eBook

You hand can be a great guide to pace your reading. use your right hand to slowly pace down the page. Move it straight down and allow your eyes to follow the motion. You may not be able to move your eyes as fast as your hand in the start. Keep moving the hand at a steady pace. The simple and steady motion will help your eyes move faster down the page. Do not push yourself too much and read a page at a time using this method.


The next method is to use a card or a folded piece of paper to hide the text as you read. Keep the pace of the card steady and slightly faster than VO Genesis your reading speed. Hiding the text as you read prevents you from reading the sentences over and over again. The first time you adopt this method it calls for a lot of attention. As you keep advancing try to keep increasing the speed of the card.

Yet another method is to sweep your fingers across the width of the page as if you are dusting the page. While sweeping use your tallest finger to underline the line that you are reading. This method helps you improve the focus on each line.The hop method is similar to the sweep, the difference being that you actually pull up the fingers in a hopping motion. In using a hopping motion you are using fixation which helps gather at least three to four words at a time. This helps you group words into blocks and read the blocks.

Another method is the loop method which is a type of scanning. You have to move your hand diagonally across the lines. If you follow your hand you will not be able to read all words but only scan through them. This aids in picking out only what is required. You can start practicing this method with light reading material which does not call for very careful reading. As you get used to scanning you can shift to more serious reading.All these methods help you in finding a foothold to speed read. None of them assures to improve your reading speed overnight. It takes lot of practice and diligence to reach a level where you can be called as a speed reader. These methods or any other methods will simply serve as a guide.