To check if your read TOS

So, just for some LOLs, was browsing the badges tab, and was finding some easy badges to earn. Can probably tell how bored I can get.

There is this Read Guidelines badge that seemed easy enough to obtain.

Probably one of those scroll to end to unlock achievements.

Thus I head along to the fated page, read through the FAQ page, and clicked onto the next tab.

The ‘Terms & Services’ tab, wherein lies the problem.

After scrolling through the the bottom, i actually got the badge.

So i guess the puzzle wasn’t there to get the badge, though there really was a problem.

Seriously was thinking that to get the badge we had to do some cool puzzle in the guidelines page, guess i think too much some times.

TLDR: there is a type in the page which prints the variable ‘company_short_name’ & ’ company_domain’ instead of the actual name, assuming its “Dynamo”