Reading excel file by time

Dear team

I am trying to read an excel file line by line ever minute (Like every minute it return a line from the list), I tried the loopwhile and a python node with time.sleep(60) but It didn’t work.

I really need your help friends.

can you please post more of your workflow? I am not sure I understand what you are trying to do. also posting your work with any error messages and code would be helpful

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It might be better if you just use the graph in automatic node. It will re-execute and that will force your graph to re-execute.


As in the screen, now I want to return a line every minute.

Can you please explain more.

I wouldn’t go automatic node but Periodic mode. Place a DateTime.Now node, build a DateTime to start with (say noon today), set the runmode to periodic with a execution time of 1000 ms. Subtract the two datetimes and you will get 1 minute intervals. Round that off to the nearest minute and use that to get an item at the desired index on each subsequent run.

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thank you
I will try it

First I thought of periodic…

Bear in mind that Periodic mode will re-execute the entire graph - so if it’s heavy, it may be a slow approach while it calculates (Also - it will hit an infinite loop, i.e freeze, if the time to run the graph is longer than the period).

Well it just re-executes the bits downstream from the DateTime now, but the volume of re-execution, and the time to execute vs the run frequency is good to keep in mind.