Visual Studio C# Revit node development - debug mode

Hi all

I’ve recently started developing Revit nodes in C# using Visual Studio.
I’ve got two questions. The first I’m wondering if there’s a way to be able to build, or rather update the DLL file without needing to restart Dynamo and Revit? All research I’ve done seems to point to no or not easily. The techniques I’ve read about also seem to more apply directly to a Revit Add-in, rather than a Dynamo package.

The second, which is more important to me, is if there is a way to enable Visual Studio’s debug mode? I’ve followed instructions from here: 3.1 - Visual Studio Setup · GitBook but that process doesn’t seem to work with Dynamo loaded in Revit. Only the sandbox Dynamo version.

When I try, Visual Studio just tells me that the module was built without debug information, but I do run it with debug.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


  1. No, not that I am aware, without some serious changes to Dynamo. Hopefully in the future with newer versions of .net runtime.

  2. debugging is easy, just attach to the revit process via attach to process in the debug menu.

Thanks for the response.

Unfortunate about the need to restart Dynamo/Revit, but it seems to be a well known issue, oh well.
The debugging works which is good, thanks. Think I may have messed up initially.