Development Routine of a Zero Touch Node

Hi community,

Just want to know how you would test a node made from Zero Touch?

Mine is like: Build => Opens up Revit => Dynamo => (import library if it’s the first time) => Run => Close out Dynamo & Revit => Debug => Build…

It’s tedious to me to close out Dynamo & Revit every time re-building is required. What is your practice on this?


In visual studio, put Revit as external application when you finish build and press start to check your code Revit will pop up and work to test.

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Thanks @ingenieroahmad

I don’t really mind to launch Revit myself or set it as an external app in VS to save the extra click. I’m working with a large model. Even if I simplify it into a smaller test model, very likely to miss some of details. Forcing me to that routine above, close, modify code, build and waiting model kicks in…

I don’t know if there’s any tools like Add-in Manager in Revit SDK, avoid exiting Revit every build.

I just found out there was discussion about this:

hi @jshial have you tried yet ?

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@jean fantastic! Let me look into it. Thank u so much!