Testing Explicit C# Nodes Without Restarting Revit

Is there anyway to test either ZeroTouch or Explicit custom C# nodes without having to restart Revit and Dynamo each time? Is there a way to unload the .dll so you can rebuild? Or do you need to build as a new .dll each time?

Can somebody please provide an answer to this very frustrating problem?

Use Visual Studio and set your external program to your desired version of Revit in the Debug menu. When you click Start in VS, it will launch Revit then you just need to open Dynamo. That’s about as good as it gets unless anyone else knows some other tricks?

Like Edit and Continue? Jeremy has looked at this many times over the years (EDIT: I know this preview shows Jeremy’s bio. The link takes you to his posts on edit and continue):

And more recently:

But these are mostly about debugging add-ins using edit and continue, so they’d need some adaptation.

IIRC the key is to load the dll from a bytestream in memory, leaving the dll on disk unlocked so you can rebuild.

If you’re testing something specific, you could always give my Dynamic CSharp Interpreter a go:

You can find it on the package manager