ViewTypes... not ViewFamilyTypes?


I am drawing a blank here…

How do I get a list of ViewTypes?

I can get a list of ViewFamilyTypes, but I need only the system types, the ones shown in the screen shot… not the types that we can duplicate and rename (ViewFamilyTypes?)

Thank you



There are many ways. Here are a few.

Thank you Steven,

got it:

Now, first, this is very convoluted, and second, it starts from the existing views in the project.

Any way to get this list even if there are no views of its type in the project?

I guess a corollary question is: why there is no “ViewType” in this list? image

Thank you



What are you trying to do? What view type are you looking for?

I guess I was looking for a way to get the whole list without typing it in, as the “ViewType” node returns it… but now that I think of it, I would always need a list of only the Types used in the project, really.

thank you

That is what I was thinking. I do that a lot too and it helps to step back a bit. If I solved your problem can you please mark the solution to help others.