Get Parent Family of ViewFamilyType


I’m trying to find a way of getting the parent family of a viewfamilytype. The reason being is that I want to append it (for instance, ‘Elevation’) to the element.names of ViewFamilyTypes in a UI. Does anybody know how I’d go about doing this? I have tried nodes that get the parent family of a family, but these don’t appear to work with ViewFamilyTypes.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Thomas Lund,

You need to get the ViewFamily and not the FamilyType :slight_smile:

Hey @CVestesen1,

Many thanks! Is there a node to do this?

Not sure if “Views.GetByType” does the work.
Otherwise, can you share a screenshot of your work and I can take a look if it could be done in another way.

That doesn’t work unfortunately. This is my current graph:

@thomas.lundUUGP8 See if this helps:


That works - thank you!

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