All Views of ViewFamilyType

Hi all,
i want to get all views of a specific View Family Type, any ideas?
It returns an unknown elementss as object type so All Elements of Family Type or Type won’t work.

Any ideas?

Hi @Daniel_Hurtubise

Use archi-lab nodes:

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I was looking for a way to get the views of a ViewFamilyType but I cannot seem to figure it out without grabbing every view of a Type.

Every floor plan view in a project grouped buy ViewFamilyType. From here you would just need to grab the correct sublist.

This method will grab and group every view in a project.

You can see here that it matches the project browser.

What Kulkul posted should work for you. I was doing something similar and wanted to dive a little deeper for my own development. I was hoping to find a way to directly use ViewFamilyType but I don’t think anything has been developed. I will save the API dive for another day.

Rhythm’s does have a node called ViewFamilyType. It allows you to select from all the types in your project and could help with selecting the correct type and if you would like to use the player. I think this was developed for _ ElevationMarker.CreateElevationMarker_ and does not have further functionality.

Hope this helps.