Views with null values? what are they, where are they?

Not sure why this isnt working, the plan details are assembly views. Useing Element.Name node instead of get parameter value dosnt work either. If i run on a new template project it works but wont work on any of the revit projects i really need it on

So i removed null values from the list and it fixed this error. Is this my only option? Anyone know how i get null views?

Warning: Internal error, please report: Dereferencing a non-pointer.


Seems like.
No point wasting energy figuring out the reason as there is no list structure/sequence to bother with.
You could report this here if it feels like an issue that needs to be resolved

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I think that you’re selecting some of the quasi views.

Templates, schedules (including the nested revision schedule for a sheet), and a lot of other odd ducks can be caught by the all elements of category node when you feed views as a category. Try a select by ID in Revit to view the properties of the elements with an odd value to see an example.

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