Viewport.Locationdata inconsistent

I am trying to figure out why I am getting different results when using viewport.locationdata node in two scenarios:

1st scenario:
Having a floor plan view open, I am creating viewports and they are being placed on a sheet using Viewport.Create. Then I use the node Viewport.Locationdata and get the following results:

2nd scenario:
In this scenario, I have already created the viewport using the same node but I have the sheet open(A7.1)and then I run the viewport.locationdata. For some reason, I get different results.

As you can see, the node is giving me different results, even though the viewports are in the same location on the sheet. Both the view and the sheet have the same origin.
Any ideas why is this happening?

I am not really too sure what is going on here, but all that node is doing is getting the boxOutline via the API. So it might just be a Revit thing?

or your node Doc.ActiveView is not actually getting the “active view”?

Here is the open source code if you were curious:

What is your use-case that you are trying to achieve?

As I think it I feel like no. But can you get the location data of the center of the crop box of the viewport. Not the view port bounding box.