Element.GetLocation adds points to Viewport

I’m using the Element.GetLocation node to find where my Titleblock is on the Sheet (in case it got moved from 0,0)
My problem is that after I use it, I get a Dynamo point (little blue square) added to a Viewport on the Sheet, which then messes up the coordinates of the ViewPort.
Here’s my Viewport before I run my graph:

and here it is after:

That “After” image shows three Dynamo Points.
One is from the OOTB Element.GetLocation,
one is from SteamNodes View.ViewportBoxCenter and
one is from the Archi-lab Viewport Properties node
I’ve tried Freezing them one by one, and I’m certain each of those nodes places a Dynamo Point.
Those Nodes should all be read-only, so I don’t understand why my Viewport is changing.
Is there a way to prevent those points from being added?
Super-frustrating, since the only way I know to clear them is to close the Revit file and re-open a fresh copy.

Maybe turn off Revit background preview in the settings?

That did it!
Thanks, John

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