viewPlanID doesn't correspond to a Viewplan erro

This is a stumbling block for me when trying to create elevations, not sure what the issue here is. Any pointers appreciated.

Hello @Wildtypitch …what is your planview ?

Provided by Document.ActiveView

Is that the issue, it’s giving sheet ID’s and not view ones?

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Hi its a sheet view…try to find a planview

So it’s relying on the active window being a plan view but it’s currently a sheet view. I’m a bit lost at what is determining the active view. Shouldn’t Document.ActiveView be picking a view not a sheet?

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Yes thats right… pick a plan view not a sheetview

Thanks Sovitek.

I’ve got all the elevations now, next problem now… :grinning:

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heheh :wink: its not a problem just a fun exercise and probably sometimes we are so lucky and find a solution !!..merry xmas