Hello everyone.

I’m writing a graph to create a plan view for each wall in my project.

The catch is that I’m trying to set the CropBox rotation accordingly to the direction the walls were created. By doing this, the PlanView is aligned to the wall elevation when they’re added to a sheet as shown in the image:

The “ViewPlan.Rotate” of the Rhythm package rotates the CropBox, but when I try to input lists of views it outputs an error.

I tried using the nodes Transaction.End and also tried to loop it with design script without succes.

Not sure what’s causing this error.

Is there something that I’m missing?
There is another way to rotate the CropBox or to make the node run with lists?

I know that is possible to set a rotation on the Sheets, but that doesn’t help me because it only allows to rotate 90º CW or CCW.

Kind regards,

There may be another way.



ViewPlan.Rotate doesn’t do what you want. That node is more of a proof of concept of a hacky process.

If I provide a line normal to the plan view this node actually does exactly what I need, the problem is that it only does it one view at a time. If I try to input lists of views/lines/angles I get the “Transaction error”.

I’ve seen this method, but it doesn’t work with wall elements.
I didn’t dug into it because it looked too complex for what I was trying to achieve, but it seems that is my best shot. I’ll try to twerk the graph/nodes to make it work with walls.

So, I worked in this for a while. The only way that I found to get oriented views of the walls is trough SectionViews with the SectionView.ByCoordinateSystemMinPointMaxPoint node and changing the bounding box with the View.SetCropRegion Rythm node.

The only problem that I encountered is that the SectionViews are created in a fixed elevation, independently the position of the walls/bounding boxes. I managed to change the Far Clip Offset of the sections, but I didn’t found any way to move them vertically in Dynamo.

For now, I’m moving them manually in Revit by making a selection box. Is there any way to move the section views through Dynamo?