View Port Title Extension Line Parameter?

Hi, just wondering what the parameter is to adjust the line for the viewport title block?

Could possibly be a built in parameter, trying to snoop built in parameters of viewport to find. Not sure if I’m off track. Tried to create a instance dimension in the family but that didn’t seem to work either


Be interesting to know but just ended up making the label underlined in the family with spaces at the suffix. Now all Views have the line to the right length. only downside is the line is fatter then usual, small price to pay

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Hi @vanman,

From memory, I don’t think the viewport label has much exposure in the API. It has built in parameters to control some things, like show extension line, or show label. But that’s about it mostly. So I don’t think what you want to do is possible. If I get time I’ll have a proper look, or maybe someone else may have an idea.


Can we automate the length of this line with the number of characters that the title on sheet/view name has???
This would be amazing!!!

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ask revit snoop plugin