Revit Viewports not Cooperating

I am trying to pull the “view names” from viewports to automatically name our detail numbers on sheets, and in the “Get parameter” node pulls either the view name or the title on sheet. Does anyone know how to fix this to where it just pulls the view name?


This is an issue with viewports when “Title On Sheet” is supplied along with view name. For some reason the parameters of the viewport elements will report twice and will give you a random value. Either view name or title on sheet.





Luckily we have all of the nodes to make this possible. In the graph below I am simply doing some filtering to clean the data out for us.





Rather than build that whole graph over again you can go ahead and download this collector from Rhythm.



Yes, this happens because since maybe 2010, if I am not mistaken, Revit API allows for multiple parameters to be stored under the same name. Now, the only reliable way to get a parameter is to use the BuiltInParameter method. To facilitate that, I have published Get and Set Built in Parameter nodes in the Archi-lab package. Try this instead:







Less is more. :slight_smile:

That’s no fair though. You are the Python master! :smiley: And here I am using OOTB nodes. :lol:

Good point.

I also hadn’t updated my archi-lab package in a while, so I didn’t even know that useful node existed! 8-O


*I think steamnodes may still have an old dependency of archi-lab embedded…

ahhh, yes so I asked Ian just yesterday to do something about this. By “this” i mean give people some notifications about packages being updated. It would be a simple pop up when you fire up revit that packages that you have installed have been updated so please navigate to package manager…we will see if this happens.