View Get Design Option

Dear community,
Is there a way to get design option from a view ?

have you tried Get parameter VAlue By Name ? with parameter name of “Design Option”

The parameter here is Visible in Option i believe.
The parameter lets you decide when view annotation is visible, all or in a specific option.

If you take a floor plan view and add a section it is assigned to be visible in the view regardless of what design options may be visible. If you assign the section to a specific design option then it will only appear in the view if you also make that design option visible, force the view to show the design option or assign it to be the primary option.

@m.rijsmus @khuzaimah.ElecEng Indeed but i didn’t get what i wanted for Design Options overrides


If i have read your first question correctly, you did not ask about overrides?

There’s a relationship, in a view you can collect visibility in design option from the default occurence parameter but it doesn’t ensure the visibility of the design option. More, you can’t ensure the visibility of multiple design options. To understand the representation in a view, it’s necessary to get hidden design option parameters from the window (picture ahead).
I know a way to change these parameters but i can’t actually get their values

Thanks for paying attention to this request,

The value needed is perhaps the Id of the DesignOption