View Colors according to Bar Diameter

Hello, I’ve seen this on some of youtube examples, but I don’t know how to do it. Can anyone help me with this issue, or if it is a script that does it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jorge,
Can you share youtube link as well.

That buttons are created from dyno browser and the author is aleksey lobanov. If you want you contact him at

Here is another link that is similar to what your looking with downloadable datasets.

And also there is custom package called DynamoforRebar try using that.

Good Luck!


Bar Diameter is exposed as a Filter Rule within Revit. It would be easier, and more automated, if you did this there instead I’d think.

You can now do some filters with Dynamo: There is a course they have and you can download their assets. Last time I checked you don’t have to pay for anything if you just sign up for a trial. :wink:

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Thanks! I’ll look for the info in the site.

I’ve already tried, but it worked for me only when the rebar is not solid. when I turn it to solid, is always white. What am I doing wrong?

thi es the way I did it.

Solid as in Hidden Line or Shaded?

Once you make the filters you need to add them to your view and change each Filter’s Surface Pattern to Solid and whatever color you want.

I don’t use rebar but this work with everything else I can think of!

Thanks! Solid as in Shaded.