View.AddFilter and View.SetFilterVisibility Comments

I am having trouble adding a view filter to views and turning the visibility off.

I have a list of view filters (in watch node below) and a list of views that I want to apply only one filter parameter to. ie parameter.filter[0] is applied to view[0]. parameter.filter[1] is applied to view[1] etc.

When I use the View.AddFilter node from the archi-lab Grimshaw package by @Konrad_K_Sobon it applies all the view filters to every view, where as I only want a single view filter added.

When I use the new OTB View.AddFilter it adds the single view filter as I would like but my issue with this node is its output is “void”, it would be great if this outputted the View as per the archi-lab node.

My next/similar issue is when I try to set the filter visibility using the View.SetFilterVisibility node from archi-lab package this node also adds all filters and turns them all off.

How can I just set the filter visibility for a single view filter for the one view?

if you use the OOTB nodes they should all now output the actual View rather than Void objects. If it wasn’t published in 1.2.1 then it will be in next release.