Video 4B - Parametric Assembly


I have a surface that I'm trying to divide into UVs (on number sliders) and place an adaptive component on it (3pt beam). I'm trying to follow exactly what is on the video, but some of the nodes look different on the recent builds and I've having trouble getting it to work. Please help because I'd really like to be able to do this!

Here are some of the nodes that have changed:

Surface domain: still has a 'face' input, but now there are 4 outputs (max, min, v-count, u-count) instead of the previous 1 (domain). 'Domain' usually fed into the 'UV Grid' node --> 'Evaluate UV'....

Slice list: looks a little different than the node on the video. There is an additional input. I don't think this input is part of the problem, because I can 'watch' the list of this node and it is pulling the three items I need to place the 3pt. beam. The 'element' output is different than before; I think it used to be XYZs. Anyway, when I plugged this 'element' output to the 'Adaptive Component by XYZ', it doesn't like this.

BTW, I have upgraded to the latest build. See the files below.


Are you making beams using Structural Framing or Adaptive components?

Ian just added an Adaptive Component by UVs on Face, which will react to the surface normal as they do when placed manually or in a divided surface. Regular AC placement nodes should point "up" relative to the project, as they are not hosted on any element.

For Structural Framing, there is an "up" vector. If you derive the normal from the surface you are using ("evaluate normal" node) and pipe this into the placement, you will get orientation from surface normals. If you pass in an XYZ that is 0,0,1 (or "z axis" node) it will point up


Excellent! It's running great now. Thanks. Now if only I could get my beams to stay normal to the surface or vertical.... probably something in the adaptive component family.


Hi Jason,

Sounds like you are on the "bleeding edge" builds, which is great, thanks for the feedback. However, you are looking at a couple of issues that have come up with this transitional build.

Surface Domain should be back to a more recognizable representation with tomorrow morning's build, so please upgrade and let us know how it goes.

Slice List: if you open up the accompanying datasets to the videos, you should see a not next to the place where Slice List would be. We have changed the names a little, the old Slice List is now called Partition that breaks lists into set size pieces, and we have a new Slice List, which will extract a particular range of elements from a list.