How can I create Adaptive Component On Surface

I’m trying to create a surface divided into quads which are driven by a distance in UV input, not just numerical division… so that I can automate placed adaptive components to make facades in an irregular pattern like below…



In fact, it seems like assemble floor plate 803mm x 130mm on the floor. How should I do?

Is there something wrong with my Adaptive Component ?



FloorAssemble V1.1

FloorAssemble V1.1

You are passing an importinstance into the surface input of the AC.ByParamsOnFace node. That’s not going to work.

In this case I think it would make more sense not to create an importinstance at all, but rather create the adaptive components based on point coordinates.

Hello Xin Cheng,

Is it possible for you to share your Custom Nodes.

I have noticed that ImportInstance node output is 2D array, you can get the Surface as a single element and try at your end. Look at attached image.





I had got the right way to solve my problem.


I had got the right way to solve my problem.



Care to share?

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