Very confused about the basic terminology (family, type...)

hello guys, i’m new to revit and dynamo. i started my learning from the dynamo primer and here is the page that im having problem with:

is the ‘type’ here the same as ‘family type’ (which i also see a lot of times in other tutorials)?

what does ‘element type’ refer to? and why don’t we have the method ‘All Elements of Family’ ?

also, one more question: how is ‘element’ defined? Does it just include everything (from instances to types)?

thanks for your patience on answering my stupid questions.

I agree, It is very confusing… but there is not much to do about it.

If you learn the concept inside Revit first, then it might be easier to understand.

Element type and Family type is both types. Family is the same as a “System Family”. Example “Basic Wall” is a System Family and “Fixed” is a Family. They both have some types… and when a wall or a window is uses in a model, then you get some Instances.


The concept “ElementType” is a Dynamo concept, which takes any kind of Type. Element is the same as an Instance. Meaning, you can point on an element and that one element is an instance of a type of a family of a category.

Lastly, you can get “All elements of Family”, I have a node for that… the blue box


erfajos answer is great ,
here some exaples :

sorry for my english ( it´s from german project)


thank you both! those concepts have become much clearer to me.

Please mark a solution so that others can learn by following in your footsteps. :slight_smile: