Very confused about the basic terminology (family, type...)

hello guys, i’m new to revit and dynamo. i started my learning from the dynamo primer and here is the page that im having problem with:

is the ‘type’ here the same as ‘family type’ (which i also see a lot of times in other tutorials)?

what does ‘element type’ refer to? and why don’t we have the method ‘All Elements of Family’ ?

also, one more question: how is ‘element’ defined? Does it just include everything (from instances to types)?

thanks for your patience on answering my stupid questions.

erfajos answer is great ,
here some exaples :

sorry for my english ( it´s from german project)


thank you both! those concepts have become much clearer to me.

Please mark a solution so that others can learn by following in your footsteps. :slight_smile: