Version of my IRONPYTHON..?

I am a newbie and I wanted to ask you please for your help and your patience …

How can I know what version of IRONPYTHON is using the PYTHON SCRITP … what digital command can I know to know said information or where can I check the version I’m using … ??
Thank you.

If you do not have the option to pick or change between. Versions I am pretty sure you are in IP2.

What version of Dynamo are you running?

I am using revit 2021.1.4

Dynamo 2.7 is where CP3 was introduced. You could upgrade to use it if you wanted.

How do I perform the update process or where do I download it? I have no idea how to do it? Could you please tell me the process? Thanks

Do you refer to installing any of these options A-B-C or do you refer to others … ??

You have to update Dynamo and the Python engine will update with it.

Download this version … I unzip it and I get these files …
Should I copy these files to a specific path?

Should I delete something before copying … or how does this work …?

To update Dynamo for Revit you need to update Revit via the Autodesk Accounts portal.

Dynamo 2.6 is the most current version for 2021.

If you want to start using Python 3 you will need to update to Revit 2022.

Thanks …
I will greatly appreciate your guidance and support.
What I was looking for is how to know which version of IRONPYTHON PYTHON SCRIPT was using … I thought I could place a textual code inside PYTHON SCRIPT and it could return the current version used …

My goal of knowing which version you are using is to be able to install an update of IRONPYTHON and this allows me to see what libraries I can use and to continue investigating … I don’t know if installing a version of IRONPYTHON will generate problems in the code or maybe my research does not have results in time.
As you can see in the image I have 2 versions of IRONPYTHON and I would like to know which of them is fully compatible with the PYTHON SCRIPT … I don’t know if you let me understand.
Thank you

Dynamo 2.6 and prior for quite awhile uses IronPython 2.7.

There is no way to update this without putting yourself into an unsupported condition.

If you want to use Python 3 you can do so with Dynamo 2.8 and greater in the 2022 product line via the CPython implementation.

The IRONPYTHON 2.7 and I get these files … could you explain to me what function each of them has …

Could you tell me where I can get libraries for IRONPYTHON 2.7 where I can download.

Iron Python will install when you install Dynamo.

Search your cpu for IronPython and you should get the right app to use.

Any attempt to modify the Python environment used by Dynamo will likely break things beyond repair (requiring a full uninstall of all content to get back up and running).

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An example with sys module

import clr
import sys
pyEngineName = 

if pyEngineName == "ironpython":
	OUT = "PyEngine:{} \nIpyVersion:{}".format(pyEngineName, sys.version)
	OUT = "PyEngine:{} \nPyVersion:{}\nPython.Net bridge Version:{}".format(pyEngineName, \
																	sys.version, \