Vasari and grasshopper




I’m a beginner.


I want to connect Grasshopper and Vasari by Dynamo like this video.


How to do this?


If you can, please tell me minutely.




Thanks Zach !

Hmmm I see.

So the process is like this. (grasshopper?.csv?python?vasari)

In this case, when the model in Vasari is changed, is the model in grasshopper changed ? (vasari?grasshopper)

I want to use Galapagos in grasshopper while analyzing CFD in Vasari finally. (grasshopper?vasari?grasshpper?…)automatically

What do you think of it ?

And I am looking forward to being able to use your tool now.

Thank you for the polite reply.

In that video, Nate is showing a Grasshopper definition that exports a csv file with xyz coordinates for each panel point. Dynamo is then used to import read and parse the CSV file, and then finds groups of quadrilateral points and sews them together with an Adaptive Component family. When the Grasshopper updates the CSV file, the Dynmo definition re-executes. The importing of CSV files is shown in the included sample #15 (soon to be renamed "Spreadsheets"), but we should put together a more comprehensive demonstration of this. Nate originally did this with some Python scripting, but we have the built in tools to do it natively now.