Values not appearing with Element.GetParameterValueByName


Hi Guys,

I’m looking to create a graph so that if a client adds in a new window late in the process I will be able to quickly re-number the existing windows thereafter without having to change them manually.

I have already hit a road block with the Element.GetParameterValueByName where I have retrieved the elements however the “Mark” value (which is where I allocate the window number) doesn’t appear to be showing. The revit model has values assigned to these so I’m not sure what is going on?

Also, if anyone knows of a good tutorial for something similar to what I’m proposing and could point me in that direction that would be amazing.

Thanks everyone


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@brodieLFGM9 While using a Code Block you need to put Mark in double quotes.

Hi All,
i am trying to get value using Element.GetParameterValueByName from the list… But output is empty…

@pankaj Please start a new topic for your issue.
And make sure you share your whole graph there.