UV coordinates in Revit

Hi evryone, Am using Revit for rendering purposes, and i need to change the UV coordinates of a specific object, is that any way to so with dynamo ?
Thanks in advance

You mean UV as in UV mapping for textures applied on objects in modelling software?

The UV coordinates are not exposed in the Revit API.

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Yes, exactly!!

To my knowledge there is no such thing in Revit. Materials are applied on each object or painted on surfaces with the paint tool, but that’s about it.

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Well to clarify a bit. There is an underlying UV - it just isn’t accessible via the API. The UV coordinates are determined by the materials pattern alignment. As seen below - you rotate the pattern and the UV is redefined. So it is pretty easy to redefine the location and orientation of your rendered materials by manually adjusting the fill pattern. But your material will need a fill pattern to make that adjustment.

The fill patterns can be adjusted programmatically - but it is somewhat tedious.
Look at this for reference:

Use of Align function programmatically to change the alignment of Tiles for floor - Autodesk Community - Revit Products