Using Room Calculation Point to identify the location of a family instance

I am working on a project in which I need to identify family instances within their rooms for proper calculation. As I am doing this for wall-hosted families (plumbing fixtures in a room), I’m using the room calculation point parameter within the family to make sure the families are correctly identified within their appropriate room. When I create a schedule, everything associates to each room as expected. However, when I’m using dynamo to identify the location of a family, it seems to only be calculating based on the origin of the family; disregarding the room calculation point altogether. Is there any way to have Dynamo interpret the Room Calculation Point value?

I don’t think it’s possible to get the location of the room calculation point in Dynamo.
A workaround might be to create your own ‘room location point’ in Dynamo by creating lines that simulate the room calculation point in Dynamo and then extract the endpoints of those lines. The trouble with this is that you’ll need to check every family’s origin and hosting directions as the line in Dynamo might be pointing in the wrong direction.

@T_Pover What I’ve done for the moment is to:

  1. Create a bounding box around the family instance
  2. Generate a cuboid from the bounding box
  3. Find the centroid of the bounding box

Being that the fixtures are all either hosted to the wall or wholly within the room, the 3D centroid of the family instance gives me a reasonably accurate point to deal with for my purposes. The room calculation point would be much easier to deal with and certainly more accurate, but using the centroid actually gives me a fair bit of flexibility for my purposes.

If anyone does have an idea of how to get the room calculation point though, I’m all ears.


Element.Room from Rhythm will do this.


Thanks @john_pierson! I will give this a shot.

Hi, john, Calculation point is in support, instance is in TECH(CU),why this node doesn’t return the room which calculaiton point in? Thanks.