Using Inputs from DataShapes UI Node Data Type problem

Im getting inputs from UI Node of DataShapes to filter out elements by parameter ‘value’, But if the parameter value type is not a string ( I added a python node to convert to string if needed and the graph works for string values) I cant seem to use the user input when a numerical value( as shown in screenshot) is needed ( Eg-Length…) but the same input thru codebooks works fine

Are you getting an error? I don’t see in your image where the numerical value is being applied to the element. Can you show a screenshot of when the graph fails with UI input and when it succeeds with a codeblock?

This is me selecting the parameter and entering the value (44), im also selecting ‘Numerical Value’ so it doesn’t get converted to string.

As you can see, the value we get from user is ‘44’ and there are some elements with the same value. but when I compare to match it all I get is ‘FALSE’

This can sometimes be due to internal rounding. Try rounding all values to a given precision and then comparing.