Using Dynamo to retrieve parameters for rooms and boundary (surrounding) elements

I would like to use Dynamo to generate a list, which could associate to each room a number of parameters for elements that represents the room boundaries.
Such parameters include:

  • Room: name, number, perimeter, area, volume;
  • Windows: window no., sill height, height, width, area, type, orientation
  • Walls: height, area, orientation
  • Windows-to-floor and window-to-wall ratio.

With regards to window/door information, I’ve followed the guidance given on [this post]:frowning: but although I have been applying the same nodes, I obtain empty lists.

I have uploaded on dropbox the dyn file, and a screen capture.

For objects in room or partially within boundary maybe this other post might help:

Some of these workflows might be able to be adapted to your request.