Using Dynamo to portrait image on facade

I’m trying to portrait an image on a facade using the pixel from image node. The circles that composes the image is supposed to perforate through a solid (concrete wall) and the end result should look like the following image.

However, so far I haven’t had any success transfering the geometry from Dynamo into Revit. First trial was to trim the circles with the surface and use a boolean operation to extract the circles from the solid and then thickening the surface before transfering the geometry into Revit. Unfortunately this causes the program to hang.

Second trial was to extrude the circles, join them and then do a boolean operation with a thickened surface. For some reason the circles don’t want to join here either.

Using adaptive components in not really an option since I need holes in concrete and not panels with holes in them.

PJl option 3.rfa (1.3 MB)
pattern_surface.dyn (77.7 KB)