Using Dynamo to create DirectShapes leaves some solids Tessellated

I am having a really strange experience. When I am making DirectShapes in Dynamo, some of the solids I’m created turn out like the shape on the left, while others are nice and clean like the right. I’ve already checked to make sure that all underlying points are sorted and in order before making a closed poly-curve, so that’s not it. All curve segments are also co-planar, so that’s not it either. Any thoughts?

As another note, i take the planar, closed poly curve and then ExtrudeAsSolid to create the solid. I can’t tell if it’s getting strange when it first generates the solids or when it generates the DirectShape in Revit, but either way it’s driving me crazy.

I’m hoping there’s some method for ‘Merge All Faces’ like we have in Rhino, but I can’t find one.

When the directshape is created it tries to create a solid using Revit’s brep builder API - if this fails, it tessellates the geometry.