Directshape massing

Hello Everyone,

I have quick question regarding the directshape node in dynamo which create a revit element, i am facing an issue that it shows traingle meshes in revit for some elements as the picture below, any idea why is this happen ?


Your help is appreciated.

are you creating one geometry or multiple ?

Multiple geometries as you see in the shared picture the was two masses

yes i see, i suggest to make each mass as a one geometry , using Solid,ByUnion node, i think it will be fine

Oh sorry i understood your question wrongly yes each mass one geometry, but still showing the same issue

I think that is not possible related to the below topic

if there is any update regarding the same please share it

@Mohammad_Nawar have you tried springs custom nodes for directshape massing? If you haven’t tried yet try it you will see the difference.


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Thanks @Kulkul i will give it a try :+1: