Use Sketch Plane / Work Plane to create Beam with Dynamo?

Dear All,

When I create a Beam with Revit, then Revit gives me a option, to choose a level to place the beams.
If I choose ‘no associated plane’ then Revit will create Beam ON the current Sketch Plane.

however, the dynamo node, “StructuralFraming.BeamByCurve”, there is no Option to feed “no associated plane” to this node.

therefore I tried this API with Dynamo Python, 'NewFamilyInstance Method (Curve, FamilySymbol, Level, StructuralType)'
Now I could feed Level as ‘None’ in this Method, but this Method will not use current sketch plane as work plane.

Is it anyhow possible to create Beam with Dynamo(Python) on sketch plane??