Adding Beams so they are hosted to a Floor (set work plane for Beams)

Looking to use Dynamo to auto place my beams so they are hosted to a Floor Plane.

I can use Dynamo to Automate the placement of the beams on the Flat levels (Can just use the Level for the Work plane). But can not find a node to Set the work plane to the top surface of the floor for the ramp placement.

We do this: 1, the top of the Beam Follows the Slope of the floor and 2, if the slope of the floor changes the Beam follows along.

I do this manually by going to a 3d view and first set the Work Plane to the Top of Floor I want to use, then I set the Beams.

The Nodes that I have found to place BeamByCurve wants a Level. The Node to place by face (FamilyInstance.ByFace), the Family needs to be workplane based ,which beams are not.

Is there a node out there to either find and set the work plane to the floor and place beam, or even for the user to select the floor for the work plane then set beams?

Thanks, I didn’t place a image of Dynamo because there was nothing there that worked.

the revitapi cannot change the work plane of beam yet :frowning:

Thank you. That’s what I figured after doing a lot of forum reading and research.