Use List of Items as Input for Parameter Name

I am trying to get 300+ of mechanical equipment parameters all at once. I have filtered the list of parameters down to the ones I want to get. But I can’t seem to figure out how to take List.GetItemAtIndex to the parameterName input of Element.GetParameterValueByName.

How many list of parameters do you have. Is the number of lists at level 2 equal to number of elements?
If so, then set element at Level 1 and parameter name at Level 2. If the numbers are different, then also set lacing to longest.
Hope this helps.

It´s difficult to tell exactly without seeing the whole script, but it looks like you have an extra space after you parameter name because you are using “:” instead of " : " in your string.split.

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It looks like you’re

  1. getting all parameters of the element
  2. filtering them
  3. converting them to a string
  4. stripping them down to just the parameter name
  5. then finally using that name to get the parameter value from the element

This seems way too complicated. What are you trying to do here? We need more information.

You were right! Got to triple check syntax.