Use dynamo with python to change the overrids of the filter, but with warming

I want to change the filters overrides but aways with this warming. I just have very few experiences in Revit API and python.
Did you meet this problem.
I have seen the following page but I can’t get it.Importing Curve methods to Python Script

A few things:

ProjectionFillColor is a property, not a method, so it may not be called. You are also not using this with an actual OverrideGraphicSettings object, so you have to first construct one. Use the SetSurfaceForegroundPatternColor method to actually change the color (SetProjectionFillColor has been deprecated in Revit 2019 and removed in Revit 2020).

overrides = OverrideGraphicSettings()
view.SetFilterOverrides(x.Id, overrides)

Many many thanks for you and your time, now I can understand this point.:blush: