Use Dynamo to change mullion type depending on adjacent glazing

Client is looking for a proof of concept for automation with in a curtain wall. My hope, is that I can use Dynamo to identify the Door and change the adjacent mullion types to the correct type.

With out going into too much detail on the clients products, The client has to change the mullions type next to doors after adding the grid line. There problem right now is that they sometimes forget to change these or change them to the wrong mullion.

The issue I’m trying to avoid is creating multiple door families for each Glazing system in there portfolio. I feel this would be a sloppy way to deal with this issues.
(3x Different door types with 5x different wall glazing systems… 15 doors and that doesn’t account for mixing wall glazing systems)

Looking for suggestions if this can be done in dynamo or if i need to come up with a different idea

The mullion type next to the door needs to be another type.
In real life that is.
I think you have a second problem