Use Dynamo to apply hoisted line loads to beams

Hi! I am tryng to find a way to use Dynamo to automate the adding of hoisted line loads (wall loads) to beams which can then be exported to Robot Structural Analysis.

I tinkered a little and used this script: Линейная нагрузка от стен - YouTube.

Apparently, it only generates regular line loads which have no host and they show up in the list of loads in RSA but aren’t applied to beams and so dont show up in the model.
On the otherhand, hoisted line loads show up just fine

I’ve also attempted to try this:

im not sure if it produces “hoisted” line loads but either way I couldn’t get it to work. Here is the error.

Any help would be much appreciated. As a tiny bit of thanks,
10usd via paypal goes to whoever can help me succesfully apply hoisted line loads to beams via dynamo. Thanks in advanced!

Hi Emmanuel,

Give the recently released “Structural Design” package a try: