Updating grid lines in curtain wall


I have a little curly question, I have created a curtain wall and have used the revit api to add grid lines I have then placed curtain panels in these.

Lets just say I then want to adjust these grid lines, this adjustment may only be say 100mm or less. What I want to avoid is deleting my curtain panels while I am doing this process, lets just say they have already been tagged or dimensioned.

So ideally, what I want to do is simply ‘move’ an existing grid line.

However, in the api I can see there are only options to add or delete grid lines. In order for this to work, I would not want to delete the grid first and then add, as one of the panels would then get deleted. The other isssue is that if I add the grid line first, then delete the old one, the panel in theory would stay. However if the distance between the new and old gridline is really small, then the curtain panel would fail as the geometries may not be able to be built and I would lose the panel anyway.

Does anyone have any smart ideas here? my ideal solution is if someone tell methe API can move an existing grid line as opposed to add and delete method.-