Curtain Wall Grid Workset by Curtain Wall Workset

Hi everybody,

A colleague discover one issue (or weirdness) in the way Curtain Walls are managed in Revit.
In fact, when they are created, the curtain walls and their panels, mullions and grids are created in the current workset.

But when you change the Curtain Wall Workset, the Grids doesn’t follow the moving and stays on the creation Workset. The only way to change the Workset of the Grid is to Cut the whole Curtain System and Paste it in place using the target Workset as current.

Once we discover this, I asked myself if something could be done in Dynamo to clean this up and re-attribute the workset of the curtain wall to its grids.

I treid using this Article without success. The Python Scripts giving me errors even after triple-checking the writing… Maybe a version issue ?

In your opinion, which method would be the best ?

  • Trying again with the method of the Article as it worked for you ?
  • Do it one other way ?

I really want to build myself the good script but my first probleme is :
How to select the curtain walls and their grids with a hierarchy that could helps re-attribute Worksets in a second step ?

I even think about intersecting bounding boxes of the curtain grids and the wall but I didn’t success this way either.

Thank you for your help,