Update Title Block Paramters in Mulitple Models (Automated)?


I would like to be able to use Dynamo to update the title block in multiple models (200 plus models) Automatically. Is this possible? I have worked with coders to pull the parameters out in an excel file, modify it and put those changed parameters back into the models automatically It would open each model add the new input per parameter and save/close but I no longer have that ability. Completely new to Dynamo so any help and training would be very appreciated. If you can point me to specific training videos that would be great too.


Refer to this video - Dynamo Automation. There’s quite a bit of info on Andreas_Dieckmann’s graphs to run on multiple revit models - have a look around, quite interesting!


Currently not reliable with Revit 2017


Could I do something simple like choose a group of .rvt files and have them open and load/overwrite a new titleblock.rfa then save and close, then repeat for every rvt. file chosen?


Yes, just not with Revit 2017 at the moment.


Now that we are in 2018.2 is it possible? I would really like to learn how to do this.


Sure. DynamoAutomation has been fixed for a while now.


Is there an example you could give me? I have watched videos on Lynda.com but it does not go into anything about opening multiple .rvt files and replacing a family. I notice that Clockwork & Rhythm is not working for me. I have Dynamo version

I have your package loaded and trying to figure something out. Please help!! Thank you,


You can find a ton of examples at the package repository:

and the wiki pages:

I suggest you download the entire repository: