Update omniclass

is it possible to update the new omniclass numbers with Dynamo ?


Haven’t done it myself, but here is a possible approach…

  • Save the OmniClassTaxonomy.txt file as an Excel document
  • Access and modify the required data
  • Write the data back to the excel document
  • Save it as a text file and replace the original

Or manipulate the text file…



Thank you so much Vikram , I will try it

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@ASSILI_KARIM, any updates regarding method proposed by @Vikram_Subbaiah?
With the help of @Kulkul, @T_Pover and others, I was able to fill out most of the type parameters with Dynamo including the Keynotes by using a Placeholder workaround, so I’d like to be able to modify the Omniclass number also.