Unresolved Error For Node

Hello ,

I am new to the dynamo. I was trying to follow this tutorial video

I was stuck with this weird error stating one of the node is unresolved. what is it actually mean. how to solve this problem.


Some nodes need an input and otherwise give an error.
I’m wondering why it’s there now in the first place.

Actually, this note should look something like this

But I don’t know whats the error now.

It´s because you probably run dynamo without Revit, and this node needs a Revit file to run.


No, i am running dynamo inside Revit only. in fact all other nodes are working properly except this

What happens if you put the All Elements of category into Element.GetLocation?
That should work right?

its not working

Hi @vamsi736,

I think it’s an old node that is not part of the custom package anymore (maybe replaced by an OOTB node).
Just to be sure have you installed the suggested custom packages ?

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Hi @vamsi736

Which Dynamo and Revit Version you have?

Dynamo 1.2 and revit 2015

@vamsi736 Unfortunately Element.Location is not available for Dynamo 1.2. However you can use Custom node from Clockwork Package called Element.Location. Cheers!