Units - Which Accuracy value do I need for FRACTIONAL_INCHES 1/32"? SI to IP, IP to SI conversion

Question: which Accuracy value do I need for 1/32" ?

one more complexity here with rounding - Accuracy

so If I want to get FRACTIONAL_INCHES and round to 1/32"

format = FormatOptions(DisplayUnitType.DUT_FEET_FRACTIONAL_INCHES,UnitSymbolType.UST_NONE, 0.25)

0.25 gives me Rounding: to nearest 3"

so does not match documentation description “…or example 0.25 to round to the nearest 1/4”

so which Accuracy value do I need for 1/32" ?

any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

there was similar topic here but I want to expand discussion here about rounding - Accuracy

Units discussion accuracy log:

Just a punt, but 0.25 is rounding to the nearest 3” and there are 12” in a foot, so it tallies (25% of 12).

1/32 of a foot = 0.375 of an inch, so try inputting 0.03125 which should round to the nearest 0.375”.

thanks @Thomas_Mahon for quick response it is close but
0.03125 gives me Rounding: to nearest 3/8"

What @Thomas_Mahon is getting at is the Revit unit system is in feet. Therefore you need to determine what 1/32" is to 1’. Something like .00260 = (1/32)/12

Yes @SeanP is correct - it needs to be a percentage of the fraction of the unit. So set the Accuracy value to 0.002604167 (1/32 of an Inch, not foot).

Additional reference:

@SeanP thanks for help
@Thomas_Mahon thanks for detail solution
I am uploading script as will be good basis to everyone for handling units and all settings.

Once again I love fact that can count on community and your support here :slight_smile:
Really appreciated!!!

UnitsCoversion_IP_SI.dyn (3.2 KB)