Units issue when reading Civil3D feature line

Hi everyone!

I am trying to read a feature line from a corridor in Civil 3D with Dynamo in order to use it as reference to model elements in Revit. For that, I started with the “02_Get Featurelines_2.0_DP.dyn” graph from CivilConnection.

The first issue that I came across is that the node “Corridor.GetFeaturelinesByCode” is not working due to the Geometry scaling, so I changed it to Large (I know I should not be doing this, but otherwise I cannot go further. However, I think that the reason for this error is the one that I am explaining in the next step).

Then I ran the graph again. It was still not working but I found that the units of the points defining the feature lines were absurdly high (100.000.000 times higher than the original ones!).

Even more strange, the Z value is correct for the first point (650.000) and the giant for the other points:

What could be the reason for this? I checked the units in Civil 3D and Revit and everything is in metres.

Anyone any idea? Thanks!!

What are you trying to achieve with this part of the script, because i have also used civilconnection but never “getbycode”.

I am trying to select which feature line from the corridor to use as reference. However, I think the node works fine, the problem are those huge coordinates…
@Daan , how do you select the proper feature line?

Have you tried something like this?

(The second node isnt necessary but i find it really useful.)

I tried your way, including the GetCorridors node, but I get no feature line

When changing the geometry scale it works, but I still get the same result as before: giant coordinates

Sorry then i don’t know why this is happening
I am using alignments instead of feature lines in my script and they work exactly as i want them to.