UniqueItems doesn't remove all duplicates

Hi there,
I’m missing something here as the node UniqueItems doesn’t remove all the duplicates and I still get some:

Can someone please shed light on why this happens and how to successfully remove them?

I haven’t found a post specifically about this, so apologies if there’s already one.

Try Point.PruneDuplicates

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My guess is that the points are not the same. You are only seeing the points xyz location rounded to three decimal places. Dynamo is looking at the tenth decimal place (may not be the tenth but it is deep). Your points are in slightly different pleases but you do not see it.

I think Point.PruneDuplicates takes this in to account and does not look at the tenth decimal rather the third like you see.

This is an old post of mine between the created or Grasshopper David, and myself. He has explained it much better than I can. You can check out our conversation at the link below. Again this is for grasshopper but I am guessing this is whats happening to you as well.

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That was really helpful. Thank you very much!