Prune points to exclude duplicated points and to remain the unique points

Hi, I am trying so hard to exclude those points which are duplicated and to list out the unique points by using List.UniqueItems node. However, it does not work. Can anyone help me to solve my problem?

Have you tried pruneduplicate?

It has to do with rounding and you not seeing that they are not the same, but rather points close to each other :slight_smile:

What is on the far left of the list? If they are Revit points and highlighted Green then that’s why you aren’t removing them because the “point” is the same, but the Element isn’t. Make sure you only have the Point Data and not element data.

To elaborate on @Jonathan.Olesen’s post: Point.PruneDuplicate will remove points that are nearly coincident, based on the degree of proximity. The way geometry calculates means each geometry can be oh so slightly unique from one that looks identical at face value. As a result List.Unique won’t usially return the desired values.

Creating a string from the object and finding unique instances of that before using a List.IndexOf and a List.GetItemAtIndex would have a similar function, but with more overhead.

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