UniqueElements Values to set as parameterName in Element.SetparameterValuebyName

Hello Guys,

Im trying to make a dynamo script that will auto populate the Panel Schedule based on the Value of the parameter. I got stuck on how to make parameter names not listed on the uniqueElement to become a parameter and set a value of xx or 0 or blank in the panel schedule. i want to do this because if i changed the Load Name of the parameter to another value, it will not delete the previous value in panel schedule. Sorry i cannot explain properly and i only started using dynamo yesterday. I dont know what exactly to search. if this is not possible can you please teach me the right approach or aleast give me a hint what to search or study to make this thing possible. Thank You

This is the reason why i want to leave the value of other parameter 0 or empty.

try like this, it will return string, the filter from here,

Thank You for your reply Mr. Vijay,

I dont exactly know what to do with this nodes. Can you please sketch it for me? Thank You…

I think i got it now. Need to try it on a actual project. Do you guys have any other way rather than this one or any comments on it?

It sounds like you just need to use list levels. You should go through the Dynamo Primer since you’re just beginning to learn Dynamo. It explains all the basic topics and has documented examples for many of them.