Unique ID Codeblock error

Hi everyone,

I’m using this script to import values from excel. I have another one to export the unique ID from Revit. It worked just fine but all of a sudden I get this error. I did a new export from Revit and still the same error does anyone have any idea why?

Thank you

What does the error message above the node say?

try Revit.ElementSelector.ByUniqueId
edit: i am thinking of a namespace ambiguity

It seems that “ByUniqueID” is not behaving like a function (It is black). try list.uniqueitems.

Looks like you are missing a package.

It’s an OOTB method that is only accessible in code block. Not a custom package.

@Marcel_Rijsmus’s answer was correct.


Thanks @john_pierson!

Hi guys,
Thanks for the input, the error I’m getting is that the Unique ID may not be valid which is strange because I just did a fresh export from Revit so the Unique ID is the latest one…

The strange part is that I used this script before on the same Revit model and it worked fine…:thinking: